Welcome to Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages Middle School

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Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages Middle School

  • Founded at: 1954
  • Campus: 33,163 square meters
  • Students: 1700 (as of 2014 May)
  • Intl’ Students: 100 (as of 2015 December)
  • Scholarship: 0

Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages Middle School Introduction


Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages Middle School is a public school covering primary and high school education founded in 1954, which is an experimental and demonstration school in Putuo District. Since1972, our school has started Japanese teaching,enabling itself to be the largest old-line school among all these kinds of foreign schools.Therefore, Ganquan is known as "the cradle of learning Japanese".

"Specializing Japanese and multilingual development"is the feature of Ganquan. Besides English,Japanese and German as the first foreign language,French,Korean,Spanish and other minority languages courses are offered.Building an international school is our educational goal.The school has established sisterly school relationship with schools in different countries, such as Japan,South Korea,the United Kingdom,Australia,Russia and other countries.

The number of student in our school is about 1700(including nearly 100 foreign students),faculties and staffs more than 200 people,and 7 foreign teachers(Japanese,German and American)

In order to ensure that every foreign student can develop roundly and freely, foreign students department opened a series of basic courses and elective courses, such as Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) primary,intermediate and senior classes. Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English, Geography, Biology and other courses, as well as calligraphy,folk music, martial arts,and Chinese culture course.

What's more,we have Chinese family experience, short-term suspension travel and other rich and colorful activities. The school also offers individual tutorial lessons to meet the needs of students' personalized learning.

Foreign students department implements "the menu type courses, small class teaching". Students can select the "learning in regular class" (with Chinese students ) or" independent teaching" (with foreign students) according to their personal Chinese level.